About Us

TBS Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a family-run enterprise with vast experience in markets of industrial valves. We are headquartered in Delhi along with our stores where we maintain a healthy inventory of a complete product range necessary to support industrial causes and operations.

Backed by a strong sales team and network of stockists, covering almost every part of country, we distribute various valves and fitting for plumbing and others utility applications. The products are outsourced from various manufacturers in Italy guaranteeing the highest quality.

100% of our catalog made in Italy. All our vendors are ISO 9001 approved. We observe very high quality standards where our entire range of products are compatible with potable water. Even the lubricant like grease used is good for potable water, without any harmful effect to any form of life. Great care is taken to ensure a very long life for our products. In general, working life of our products is longer than the life of building they support.

Our core product line constitutes of Ball Valves, Check Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves and Fittings. The organization is run by a full time director and supported by professionals in marketing, finance, accounts, store keeping and IT. Our marketing team is distributed in various cities across the country in an effort to be near to the major industrial markets. Our corporate staff is based New Delhi. We promote all our products in our own registered brand ‘TBS’ and have a long experience in imports, distribution and handling a network of stockists. We have successfully supplied to various prestigious projects in our country.

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