Brass Check Valve - Article 5000

Salient Features

Lowest Pressure Drop

Particular care of internal ways guarantees reduced loss of head even with a very high flow rate.

Metal Insert

This valve features metal (CW617N) insert. We have selected metal against ageing. fatigue prone plastics to ensure long life of the valve along with enhanced pressure temperature rating.

Stainless Steel Washer

The valve has been provided with stainless steel (AISI 304) washer. This ensures compatibility with more fluids, higher pressure temperature range & very long life.

Viton® Gasket

Again we have relied on vitone for gasket material. This ensures compatibility with a wide spectrum of fluids higher pressure temperature rating & very long life.

No Rubber No Plastic

By carefully choosing metal insert, stainless steel & vitone as the washer/gasket material the design has avoided any use of rubber or plastic. This gives the valve an ability to work in a wider temperature range (0 to 130 Celsius) & even more applications.

Spring Loaded

The valve has been provided with stainless steel (AISI 302) spring between body & insert. This works opposite to the normal direction of flow & assists in closing the flow at the time of any counter pressure.

Guaranteed Tightness

The spring ensures that in case of any flow back into the valve i.e. opposite to the direction of flow the insert remains closed even at very low pressure. It means that the valve remains safely closed when a return flow happens for any reason.

Horizontal/Vertical/Skew Installation

The spring enables installation in horizontal vertical skew installation. This feature calls for singular inventory for all types of applications.

Silicon Free Valve

Absence of grease also makes the valve silicon free. Thus the same can be used in delicate industrial application like Metal painting.

Foot Valve

TBS also provides with spare filter which can be screwed to the check valve to make a foot valve. Thus same check valve can be used as a foot valve.

No Life Cycle Cost

All the above features bring you a valve destined to work for the life of building. The same check valve can be used in plumbing & industrial lines for water air hydrocarbons etc.

Check and Foot Valves