Brass Water Hammer Arrester - Article 6000


• PN 10

• Max hammer pressure 40 bar • Brass body

• Acetal resin diaphragm

• Stainless steel spring

• Max temperature 80° C

• Protects Pipes & Fittings

• Good for pipe lines up to 2”φ

• Quick and easy installation


Maximum Hammer Peak : 40 Bar

Number of Water Units per WHA : 1-60

Maximum branch lines length for single WHA : 10 mt

PDI Class : C

Operating Directions

Water hammer is a frequent negative effect which can be created in water systems by sudden closure of mixers, gate valves, electro valves; water hammer can create different problems into the pipeline, from a simple noise till braking up of several devices. The installation of our TBS anti water hammer protects from damages and avoids the typical noise. TBS anti water hammer should be installed upstream the device which generate water hammer.

1 – Ball Valves

2 – Self-Cleaning Filter

3 – Pressure Reducer

4 – TBS Anti Water Hammer

5 – Expansion Vessel

6 – Ball Valve

In sequence below you can see the functioning of TBS anti water hammer valve in case of water hammer:

Main effect of water hammer is absorbed by TBS anti water hammer valve; the remaining back pressure which arrives into the pressure reducer (and in any other device) can’t cause any damages or noises.