3-in-1 Safety Valve - Article 1010


Body : Brass UNI EN 12165 CW617 N

Plugs and Caps : PA6

Diaphragm : EPDM 70SH

Springs : Steel UNI 3823

Control Knob : ABS

Check Valve : Class A

Maximum Working Pressure : 10 bar (1MPa)

Maximum Working Temperature : 120°C

Safety Relief Valve Pressure Setting : 7bar (0.7MPa) ±0.1bar (0.01 MPa)

Discharge flow rate at 8.5 bar (+20%PS) with water : ≥600 I/h

with steam : ≥220 kg/h

To issue the conformity of the system plumber must assemble this type of safety valve as in case of pressure buildup in water heater, this is a preventive device.

Design and assembled in accordance with European EN 1478.

Compactness and size in accordance with standard.

This safety group assembly has a smaller and more compact size in comparison with the others on the market.